GQ GMC300EPlus Fulfill Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter


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GQ GMC300EPlus Fulfill Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter B00IN8TJYY
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Brand: GQ

Color: white


  • Newer GMC300EPlus Fulfill of gmc-300 series geiger counter for nuclear radiation
  • Text, graphic and large font mode provide visualized radiation changes
  • Usb connection for both communication and data communication
  • Package weight of the Product: 6 Ounces

Release Date: 08-07-2018

Details: GQ gmc-300e Plus is a newer GMC300EPlus Fulfill of gmc-300 Series Geiger counter. Compared to the previous model, gmc-300e Plus improved overall quality. It installed a high contrast black/white LCD module, added a front LED indicator/an audio data port. The audio data port can be directly connected to any third party device application as data input, such as iPad. It is designed to be a portable/convenient device. It has built in audible and visual signals for the level of radiation detected. It can be used for nuclear radiation detection and monitoring both indoor and outdoor, as well as in other similar environments. It features automatic data recording. It can continually monitor the radiation and log the data each second into internal memory. When connected to a PC, software can download the radiation history data to the computer and the user is able to analyze those data later. the device is equipped with an USB port, utilized for communication and external power supply/charging of the internal rechargeable battery. The GQ gmc-300e Plus internal rechargeable battery can be charged via a wall adapter or via a car charger through the car cigarette lighter. By using the adapters, continuous data monitoring is possible. Using either power adapter you will not have to worry about the batteries charge condition or any data loss. The main board also has a real time clock on board for time related data logging purposes. The USB port communicates with the GQ gmc-300 soft Geiger counter software and the GQ Geiger counter data viewer software. the GQ gmc-300 soft Geiger counter software's appearance is an exact copy of the gmc-300 hardware human interface. You can download it for free and Explore the gmc-300 user interface before you purchase the real hardware. the GQ Geiger counter data viewer software can download the time stamped radiation (history) data from the unit and save it on a computer for future References analysis.